A collective of skilled humans from an array of fields; a journey to discover and bring to light people who are on their own path toward excellence, and have something to say about themselves and their work, unfettered.
We empathize with upcoming talented individuals trying to find their place in the industry, having struggled to do so ourselves. Our idea behind Margn’s Odyssey is to use Margn's social media channels to provide these individuals with a creative platform to showcase their work and talk about who they are as human beings. We are on the quest to discover people who don’t necessarily follow the traditional career path but are extremely passionate about what they do.


Naureen Bindra - Art Director

A 26 year old Stylist and Art Director based in Delhi. Her graphic art and personal style are heavily interlinked. Naureen says- “As a kid I found it hard to express myself. But, awakening to my creative expression in my teens, I developed an interest towards art and fashion at a very early stage in life. I explore structures, colours and shapes to constantly re-connect with my inner self and simultaneously narrate a story of textures and cuts.” Her style is ever evolving and consists of a lot of play of textures.She is quite interested in Odd silhouettes, new forms, patterns and likes to collect interesting sneakers such as the Iconic Margiela Reebok collaboration, Y Project/ Martine Rose collaboration among many others.

Chitresh Mishra - Filmaker
‘The idea of making a film for me is to put a soul in it.’A filmmaker currently based out of Delhi, Chitresh works on commercial as well as personal projects. He describes the process of making his films as natural and based on experiences rather than bound by excessive planning. It is a visual treat for himself more than anything else.He shoots something that is happening around him while living in the moment, and retrospectively looks at it to discern whether a film can be made out of it or not. Chitresh channels his observation and instincts to create visuals that he delineates as similar to ‘what you see through the naked eye’.He humbly talks about the many things he still has to learn, and that the eagerness to do better is what keeps him going.His art film ‘Sense’ has been selected at multiple prestigious film festivals including the United Kingdom Music Video Festival 2023.

Rohan Dahiya - Artist/Writer

"As an artist, I find that I'm doing a delicate dance everyday. "Rohan, an artist, a writer and an entrepreneur, talks about the opportunity he has everyday to choose how he would like to express himself. He explores media ranging from digital art to more tactile, traditional forms such as painting and sketching. At times, he moulds words into writing pieces.Rohan's process involves 'Automatic Writing', a method possibly formulated by Carl Jung and practiced by Emily Dickinson. In this method, one disengages from the world around them and from an original idea, allows words to flow in a heightened stream of consciousness. Eventually letting the subconscious mind take over.Rohan enjoys tapping into this undisturbed state of flow, and extends this method to his art as well. He embodies a meditative state and allows his hand and pencil to flow, letting shapes unfold.