About Us

Fashion collective Margn was founded in 2021 by designers Ranjit Yadav and Saurabh Maurya, and launched its capsule collection in the subsequent year. Margn is a brand focused on human-centred design, not only in the ergonomics of its products but also in the conception and production of collections. With a focus on exploring a wide variety of unconventional or informal cultures, Margn brings unconventional mens staples rendered for a future of humanity, represented through symbolism and repetition. The humanoid shape is used to create symbolic patterns to evoke emotions mirroring base concepts of each collection. The brand has always put humanity first to promote the idea of us being humans before anything else.

​​​Margn believes that it discovers something new everyday and prides itself on not being bound by the similar kind of ideas, creating collections that disrupt a traditionally defining factor for menswear, one feature at a time. The goal is to constantly explore new ideas around masculinity and identity, by challenging predefined societal norms, to eventually create a new kind of menswear.

​​Creating a visual framework that is often disruptive and unfamiliar, at Margn, we are devoted to keep exploring our aesthetic to know more about ourselves and discover the self-expression in the wearer through our clothes.

​​​Ever since its inception in 2021 Margn has rapidly expanded its community and has been featured in multiple magazines and articles from GQ to Grazia. The brand was also in the global ten finalists of Mr Porter Futures, London, 2021.

​​The carefully crafted pieces instilled with artisanal craftsmanship are deeply rooted in craftsmanship that was practiced by their ancestors in India, akin to what co-founders saw during their upbringing. The brand hopes to start a conversation, to evoke emotions and questions within not only the wearer but also the viewer.

​​Margn’s holistic approach toward sustainability covers people, processes, resources and the planet. Founded with a great respect for the environment and all its beings, we have always tried to make conscious decisions in their entire supply chain and are constantly committed to improving the processes we work with.From our very inception, we began collaborating with smaller local communities of farmers for raw materials and artisans for our hand-knit garments. It’s a symbiotic relationship between us locals, learning from and uplifting each other. Taking this idea forward, all our handknits are developed by our all women’s team residing in Kullu, India.

​​The label was built with humanity at its core, not only as inspiration for collections but also for all its processes and products. Conscious of our carbon footprint, we use less water and energy intensive materials and processes such as Kala cotton( which is a completely rainfed variety of cotton) , organic and regenerated materials such as upcycled sack bags, parachutes, mats, deadstock yarns/fabrics among others. We try to keep our production as local as it can be.

​​​With great reverence toward sustainability and the environment, majority of the fabrics sourced are from suppliers that are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), GRS (for recycled yarns for knits) or other environmental certification organizations.

Finally, to carry forward the sustainable chain, we package our garments using upcycled sack bags.

​​We wish to redefine luxury by instilling a sense of belongingness in our clothes, where the consumers know that their clothes are coming from a piece made by humanity, for humanity.​​At Margn, we also aim to work with smaller communities and NGO’s to keep creating a system that is well aligned with our purpose of making this planet a better place of us all.

​​With a focus of reinventing our crafts, we wish to promote the importance of  handmade crafts in a way which cannot be replicated by machinery. Binding more communities across the country to create a system based on humanity, respect and kindness. We are also in pursuit of extending the autonomy of our work in different fields as well, from art exhibitions to films and theatrical plays.

​​Our overall pursuit is for the brand to provide a safe space for humanity. We wish to someday become a part of people’s everyday lives through clothes, interiors, and films where people live or do things the Margn way.